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About the Plan

Get to know the details and benefits of your plan, and explore ways to make it work harder for you.

We want to help you build a solid financial future.

Your plan is a 457(b) deferred compensation plan available exclusively to Alameda County employees. With this plan, you get:

  • The ability to reduce your current taxable income. You decide how much to contribute, up to IRS-defined limits. When you select pre-tax contributions, you reduce your current taxable compensation. You may also contribute on a Roth after-tax basis.
  • Investment earnings that have potential to grow tax-deferred. Any earnings in your account are reinvested, where they'll maintain their ability to grow tax-deferred. Amounts typically are subject to income tax when withdrawn from the plan. Special rules apply to withdrawals related to Roth contributions.
  • A variety of investment options. You have the ability to diversify your investments for the mix of growth and safety you feel most comfortable with.

Features unique to a 457(b) plan:

  • Withdrawals from your 457(b) account (other than any rollover contributions made to a 457(b) plan sponsored by a governmental employer) are not subject to the IRS 10% premature distribution penalty tax. The plan documents that follow provide specific information on contributions, vesting, distribution options and more.

Plan Features—Ways to Help You Save

Asset AllocationGoalMaker®—Strategies to support your unique investing style

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right investment mix. Just answer three quick questions to find the portfolio that may be right for you.

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Another Way to SaveRoth Contributions—Federal tax-free withdrawals in retirement

You can make some or all of the contributions to your account on an after-tax basis. Any earnings on those contributions can be distributed federal tax-free in retirement.

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Get on Track, and Stay ThereRetirement Income Calculator—See what it takes to get retirement ready

A successful retirement begins with a clear understanding of how to get there. The Retirement Income Calculator shows you if you're on track to meet your retirement goals—and what to do if you're not.

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Participants using the Retirement Income Calculator should consider other assets, income and investments (e.g. equity in a home, Social Security benefits, individual retirement plan investments, etc.) when assessing the adequacy of the estimated income stream as provided by this tool. The Retirement Income Calculator is hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to represent performance of any specific investment, which may fluctuate. There is no assurance that retirement income objectives will be met. It is possible to lose money by investing in securities.

GoalMaker’s model allocations are based on generally accepted financial theories that take into account the historic returns of different asset classes. But, of course, past performance of any investment does not guarantee future results. Participants should consider their other assets, income and investments (e.g. equity in a home, Social Security benefits, individual retirement plan investments, etc.) in addition to their interest in the plan, to the extent those items are not taken into account in the model. Participants should also periodically reassess their GoalMaker investments to make sure their model portfolio continues to correspond to their changing attitudes and retirement time horizon.

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